Freelance Writing


Have an idea or vision you want to bring to LIFE in writing...? Well, in addition to writing my book series - I assist ALL types of companies and individuals alike with 'finding the RIGHT words'.

▼Below are the specific categories of freelance writing that I specialize in▼

► Web Content:
     ○ Social Media (it's a lot harder to express an idea in 140 characters than it sounds)
     ○ Blog (one of the absolute best ways to drive traffic to your website/product)
     ○ Full Length Articles (showcasing your "story" along every bit of the journey)

    ○ Reviews (movies, books, gaming, music - whatever it is; I'm your jack of all trades)
    ○ News (analyzing/interpreting political, economic and other current events to readers)

   ○ Advertising (drawing the attention you desire in a universally fluid fashion)
   ○ Press Releases (keeping your audience "in the know" every step of the way)
   ○ White Paper (entice potential customers by informing them about your product)

▬ I pride myself on tailoring all individual projects to your desired timing and above all, YOUR needs. No strings.
▬ I have an English degree educational background at the University of California, Irvine.
▬ To get started, please send me an email below with a brief message of what it is you're looking for. From there, I'll do everything I can to help you!