Once upon a time, I combined two of my passions (video games and charity) for over 72 hours straight. And, while uniting with my friends to sleep in "shifts" (as we played an onslaught of Mario games for thousands of eyes on the internet), well...

Something pretty incredible started to happen.

...which, ultimately, led to this: ►►►►►►►►

Now, 4 years (and two books) later, I'm picking up right where I left off with the launch of a NEW PASSION project... 

"Playing For a Purpose"

Good, because here's how it's gonna work:

◙ I'll be streaming LIVE on the date listed below:
                                                                         ▬ Saturday, January 27th @ 6pm PST (Dark Souls 3)
                                                                                     (*schedule will expand/update every MONDAY)

◙ Through the powers of the internet (by going to you'll be able to WATCH all of the action and, more importantly, HELP SAVE LIVES by DONATING to the same cause my friends and I helped in the past: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

◙ Much like with "Mario Madness" before, there will be awesome prizes/incentives to encourage community                     participation - it doesn't matter whether you're watching live, or just want to stop by the ongoing fundraiser page to       make a donation... EVERYBODY IS A PART OF THIS!!!

◙ Through the many months ahead of doing what I love because of a person I love, my (hopeful) goal is to UNITE the     internet in gradually raising a COLLECTIVE TOTAL of $30,000 for St. Jude.

◙ That miiiiight seem like a rather lofty goal (because it is), but like everything else in my life - I'm determined to find a     way to make it happen... cancer is something NO kid should EVER have to deal with. And as someone who grew up   around cancer most of his life - believe me - there's a LOT we can do to help from our end.

◙ ...but (let's be honest), the only way to make a difference here is with YOUR HELP!!!!

So, here's 4 ways YOU can get involved IMMEDIATELY
 (AT your convenience):

'JOIN' THE CAUSE: →→→→→→→→

(Be "in the know"!)



(Help reach our goal!)

▬ 'WATCH' THE CAUSE: →→→→→→→

(Be a part of HISTORY!)

▬ 'BUILD' THE CAUSE: →→→→→→

(I need prizes! Help!)

♦Want to rewatch? Couldn't be there Live? I have your back.♦