"What Do I Desire?"


That's a question I've been asking myself in the mirror for a rather long time now. And, hey - let's be honest - it's probably something YOU'VE asked yourself (at one time or another) too.  I think this somewhat 'universal' question rolling off our lips boils down to this fact:

As human beings, it's only natural for our "desires" to be a core part of what drives us forward each and every individual day. What makes the red shift to green, so to speak.

Seriously, reader - just hold my hand and think about it... everybody has SOMETHING that drags them out of bed on a cold morning, right? And that's because we wouldn't be throwing our life into doing something that exhausts us unless there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Something that inspires hope. Dreams. Hell, a REASON for going after something that seems daunting at face value.

...You've heard that script before, huh. But, really...? I want to go a little deeper than that. After all, such an important question deserves a little dissection. 

When I write on my blog, I tend to try and aim the message of my posts to be something that, ultimately, HELPS the individual... something that CONNECTS my individual voice to YOUR HEART... and then - once our hearts are beating as one - I try to chip away at whatever wall you're facing, to bring a little light into the picture.

One word at a time. One 'crack' at a time.

Spoiler alert: this particular post isn't going to be an exception to that aim. Maybe that's confidence. Maybe that's experience - I don't know. 

Like everything else, I just want to try.

I can't understate just how important it is to HONESTLY ask ourselves, "what is it I desire in life?" Because if you don't do that...? The end result will be simple:

You'll spend your whole life doing things you really don't like doing...only to end up with a life you didn't really enjoy LIVING.

...And that's absolutely stupid

First things first... forget the money. If "money" is the desire - as in, the most IMPORTANT thing in YOUR LIFE - then, believe me, you're setting yourself up for misery. Because the reality is: you can get money doing things you absolutely HATE DOING EACH DAY. You can get money fulfilling a task that exudes ZERO PASSION. Yes, we could be an empty shell coasting blindly on autopilot... and still get a paycheck on Friday.

Then what...? You might have something that brings a little 'light' into your life. But then, inevitably, you'll spend it. And hey, guess what? Now you're back to doing something you hate doing just so you can repeat the cycle. All over again. The pendulum swings.

If any of that sounds familiar, wellllll - it's because this IS, unfortunately, the mask a lot of us wear in society. But tonight? I want to RIP that mask off. I want to break the stereotype that, in order to "be successful" you have to do "what's in front of you forever". 

No. No. No.

If you want to be a poet, be a poet. If you want to be a writer, be a writer. Simply put; if you want to BE SOMETHING... then, BE IT! If you ask yourself, "what do I want to do?" and get to the essence of discovering it... then, I'll say, to you, "go do that thing." 

I think this is so important because if we don't honestly ask ourselves what it IS that we desire in life... then, in a sense, we're using the wrong map the entire time. Hell, often times, we're using someone else's map. And with it, we're waking up each day and wondering WHY our life isn't what we WANT it to be. 

...When all we need to do is "do that thing" in some way each day. "Do what we love. Do what we desire."

Personally speaking? I've worn a looooooot of hats in my life. And with those hats, I've done a lot of things that, self-admittedly, I really hated doing at the time. And yet, those things were all NECESSARY, you see.


Because at the end of the day - especially, the worst ones - I was writing inside a journal during a lunch break. I was typing furiously in front of my screen two hours before my alarm went off at four in the morning. In other words (terrible segue pun intended), I was finding ways to FEED my DESIRE each day (not someone else's)

In essence, I was finding ways to do something I truly love each day. And from doing that, slowly, yet surely, I've been using the right map. I've been pushing myself a little closer each day to what I truly desire in life, which is, "finding a way to help the world through doing what I love - writing."

So, what is it that YOU desire? There's a lot of questions in life we ask ourselves. And yet, that's the question you MUST ask yourself.

...That is, in order to get 'there' (if you want)

Look, this isn't a fairy tale. I can't help you actually 'get there', but I do think I can help you become conscious of this reality - this reality that we don't HAVE to spend our entire lives doing things "we don't really like doing". 

You can still BE whatever you want to BE in life. But you're never going to get there wearing a mask. You're never going to get there following someone else's map.

(and I really, really want you to get there...whatever 'there' truly is for you)