Week 9 - Journey to Book Two

Well, hello all you beautiful, beautiful people,

I'm officially halfway done with Act Two, which is hard to believe considering I started the damn thing less than two weeks ago. That sounded aggressive.

Really though, I knew long back when I was building the outline for Book Two that THIS section of the story would be the most challenging to write for so many reasons - reasons that, for the sake of not wanting to spoil anything, I simply won't dive into right now. So, the fact that it's been flowing so well and I'm already at this point... feels amazing.

Fun Fact: I purposely put more questions than answers in Book One because I knew it would make the process of the reader 'finding' these answers out for themselves that much more enjoyable and rewarding. Book Two, rest assured, will accomplish exactly that - I mean, it won't answer EVERYTHING (there are seven books to the series as a whole, after all), but I can honestly say that the burning "what the hell does this mean" stuff will be gradually unveiled along Kyle Lionheart's next stage of adventure. For him, and all of the incredible characters attached to the story/universe itself.

It's April now (no fooling, horrible joke) which means Summer is right around the corner. Which means Book Two is right around the corner.... Which means chasing being published is right around the corner..... Which means - deep breath - soooooooooooOoooooO many of the things I've been staring up at the ceiling thinking about ever since I was a kid with a stupid dream each night...

Well, that's ALL right in front of me.

All that said... I'm embracing what's ahead and taking it one day and page at a time. Like I've said from the very beginning, "It's the journey, not the destination" I'm after. Having said that, I am confident. I am prepared. And I am going to give all of me until there's nothing left to make sure that every sacrifice I've made to getting to this point of my life WILL be worth it.

Those are facts.

Until then, I've got to keep my gas tank on F and siphon inspiration in the form of all the promises I've made over the years that I would 'do this' and 'be somebody' out of it. As always, the support, kind messages, and silent cheering from everybody back home is giving me all the inspiration I need - I'm truly fortunate in that department. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate every shred of belief people seem to have in me for writing and you guys are the reason I do this - I think if you have something you're good at in life, you should use it to help as many people as possible.

So, to everyone else out there that's got something they love to do... please, for the love of everything, keep going with it - will ya? You're a lot more awesome than you think. And the world needs awesome.