Week 7 - Journey to Book Two

Hey everybody!

Well, it's done - not Book Two (obviously), but rather, Act One itself. Of course, there's the inevitable, "Going back and making it a little more pretty" stage that I'll be going through right before releasing the book... still, for now, I can turn my back to it. And start focusing on the monster of Act Two that's ahead.


Believe it or not, last night was actually the first time I looked at how many pages I had written in totality. I sorta 'promised' myself that I wouldn't be tempted to look until I made it through Act One and man... I'm exactly where I want to be pace-wise right now.

I can't really stand on celebrations for Act One very long because well... I'm jumping into Act Two Monday. And THAT will be something else entirely. I wish I could say I was wrong, but I have a feeling that it is definitely going to be the most challenging section of the book to write for so many different, unique reasons. The whole 'heart on my sleeve' writing mentality is going to be tested pretty hard there and I know already that's going to sap my energy waaaaay faster than normal.

I gotta be ready for that. I know it's coming. And hopefully I've built up enough stamina by now to not let it roadblock progress because I have a HELL of a schedule in front of me this next month. 

I like that though. I like what I have planned for it and I'm curious to see if I can actually pull it off because if I DO, then I think Act Two will stand as probably the most emotionally impacting section of the book, perhaps the entire series itself so far. And that's an achievement in its own right. If anyone has ever read the prologue of Book One - they know.

What now before attacking Act Two? Well, I'm going to walk away and let my subconscious show me the way - fill up on life these next two days. That's actually something J.K Rowling gave advice towards and doing it while 'balancing' the other important parts of my life has been extremely helpful. So, thanks, J.K Rowling - you the real MVP.

Until next week, guys - I'm hoping I can knock out the first three chapters of Act Two by this time next week, which is a lofty goal.. but lately, things have been flowing. So, I'm optimistic and as always, my glass is half full. I'm happy and proud of where I've come so quickly in Book Two development, but I acknowledge and realize the hardest part is right around the corner.

Ding ding.