Week 3 - Journey to Book Two

Hey everybody!

Act 1.3 is complete and I'm in the middle of working on Act 1.4 - admittedly, I would have liked to have finished the latter by week's end. However, it is the first significant rising action scene of the book, meaning there is a LOT happening.

Without getting into any "spoilers", one of the things I'm actually most excited about is how each chapter operates in Book Two. In the first book of the series, everything was revolving around Kyle's individual journey and the people being brought into the middle of it. Now, things are a bit... well, different.

Each chapter is going to be from a different character's perspective. The ONLY exception to this will be in Act Two, where I'll be doing something rather unique that I'm not ready to reveal yet. When I get to that point writing-wise, I'll sprinkle a couple hints.

But yeah, having the story told from different perspectives is crucial to the series as a whole. We're getting inside these character's heads that we were sort of "limited" in seeing during the first book. So much has started to happen in the events of Book One. They're human beings (well, most of them) and it's going to be insanely entertaining for the reader to get an idea of just how complex and unique these main characters are - antagonists included.

For instance, the chapter I'm on will be told from Josh's perspective. For those of you who don't know, Josh is actually one of my real life best friends that agreed to appear as one of the main characters in the book. Not many stories blend together fiction and non fiction, so that's one of the big "appeals" I guess you could say to the overall uniqueness attached to the fate of the series as a whole.

Anyways, on a much different note, my back is a bit thrown out from running, so I'm hoping the pain melts away soon. If not, I'm sure the lofty goal of trying to get 1.4 AND 1.5 finished this upcoming week will be more than possible. If all I'm able to do physically is write, then hey, my glass is half full.

Until then, be sure to check out my first book of the series if you haven't already. It's available on the front page of www.kylelionheart.com - I'm on pace to have Act One finished in March sometime. I can't believe how much has been done in only three weeks. I might have slowed down a bit this week due to the sheer size of Act 1.4, but I'll make up for it with the next few days ahead. I promise.