Week 10 - Journey to Book Two

Does that really say Week TEN!? Wow... here we are - and hey, everybody. Sorry for the less than traditional introduction here. And yet, given the fact that we're unloading into the double digits of Book Two development here - maybe it's time I break the norm a little bit.

I'm about to fly to California for about a week to see the place I grew up in. I haven't been back since November 2016, which might not seem like a long time - but to me, it felt a lot longer than that. Honestly, knowing that I had this trip planned has been part of what has been fueling my writing lately.

...not that my writing "needs" fuel. Because it doesn't, let me make that perfectly clear, haha! I very much recognize this window and time of my life and that's enough motivation in the world to get these veins waking up each morning to attack-mode. Still, I'm a huge believer in balance. I know, original, right? But without filling up on life for a while, I know I can't write to 100 percent of my capability.

That's why this trip to California is extra important to me. It's not just the fact that I'm going to be having fun and a break for a couple of days - but that everything I siphon... well, it's going to fill me up with the EXACT energy I need to make it to the finish line of Book Two by June 2017.

"You're going to write an entire book in half a year." - Me

It's been exhausting, but not to the point where I ever feel like I can't do it.

That thought... Maybe it's experience. Confidence. Both? I don't know, man. It just doesn't enter my mind anymore (ohhh it used to). I think, one day, I'll look back on this time of my life as the moment of pure self discipline/sacrifice that opened the doors. That sounds like some stupid movie quote, but it's really not. It's just how I feel about things.

About all of THIS. Despite no proof, or riddled fortune cookie, I know that this is all leading somewhere wonderful. It's taken a while for me to believe that, but a lot has happened... and I'm at the point right now where everything that's behind me is... well, ACTUALLY pushing me forward - and that's a very, very, genuine and beautiful feeling.

Because I know I'm using it. Every damn day, I'm using that feeling so that one day, I can maybe spread that to anyone else out there that's trying to "open that door" too.

Not trying to sound like a role model or something, it's just how I think humans should freaking be... You don't use your passion for yourself, pal. You use it so you can help other people. And that's why making this Book the staple to opening the road ahead is so important to me... I know that if people just SEE it, then I'll have an opportunity to help on a wider scale and through a different array of mediums.

That's something I can't control... but, it's the reason I'm waking up each day on a mission. 10 weeks in and everything is beautiful. Going to enjoy this break, but don't blink for a second once I get back. I know I probably won't.