Week 1 - Journey to Book Two

Hey friends, family and readers!

Let me preface this first blog post of my journey towards Book Two by saying that since I've been spending so much time writing over the last few days, this particular post won't be very long.

This was my first official week of beginning to write Book Two of THE SEVEN SAGA. I announced last week in a short 60 second video on my Facebook & Instagram page that I was going to finally start writing the second book of my series.

As it's my number one life mission these next couple of months to grind and release Book Two by Summer 2017, I dove in right away from page one.

I began writing the 'Prologue' itself.

Admittedly, I took things a little bit slower than I'm used to. My philosophy with writing has always been parallel to working out. You have to build yourself up gradually to be writing 20-25 pages a day, or "crushing" (in the words of my good friend, Michael Carlson) your max set on a bench press. Thus, I set the goal for my first week to try and finish the 'Prologue' itself, and nothing further until Monday.

The beginning of a book is the hardest part, in my opinion. It's the first thing a reader sees. It's the first taste they get in their mouth. And if it ain't pretty, well... what type of tone does that set for the rest of the book itself?


I'm very happy to say that I've officially finished the 'Prologue' section of Book Two during my first week "back". And the taste is better than I could have ever possibly imagined. I can't wait for you guys to taste it too.

Next week, I'll be diving into the mother... Act One. Which, will most certainly take WAY more than a week to finish. Still, having that first part done is a huge relief and I couldn't be prouder of the way it turned out.

The last thing I wanted to say is that one of the reasons I'm so excited right now about everything ahead is that this book is going to be VERY different from the first... whereas Book One focused a lot on Kyle's individual journey and the reader was somewhat "constricted" to only his perspective... Book Two is evolving from that.

I'll reveal what all that means at a later point in time in the days ahead, but for now... I just wanted to share a slice of my week with you all and let you know that I'm working away on Book Two-- and everything is going great so far.

Until next week,