Weekly Review Wednesday - How Dark Souls Killed Me and Made Me Stronger (Preface)

I read the warnings. I heard the hype. I sensed the challenge. And without a moment's hesitation, I decided to pull the trigger on buying what had been (pretty much) universally ordained the "most difficult video game to date" all across the land of the internet.

What I'm talking about, of course, is Dark Souls. Or rather, the "Souls Series" in general.

And even if you're not an avid gamer like me who has enjoyed playing video games his whole life (enough to do three charity events revolving around them - shout outs to Mario Madness), I'm pretty sure you've heard of it before me telling you in this moment, right now, that we're both tenderly sharing together. And if you haven't? Well, boy. Do I have a story for you...

To be honest, I've wanted to write a review for a while now, which is the whole point of Wednesday's in general as I continue to draft out Book Two for "The Seven" series. Yet, this isn't going to be like normal reviews because the fact of the matter is: Dark Souls games are, without a doubt, some of the greatest video games out there today. There's simply no denying it. They are a masterpiece of the most colorful form.

IGN has said it. Kotaku has reiterated it. And just about everywhere else you look, you'll see nothing but the shiniest of stars surrounding a series where so much passion and effort has been poured into.

So, why would I need to praise it more...? Why is my "review" necessary...?

Because the world deserves to know WHAT Dark Souls IS. The world deserves to know that Dark Souls is MORE than a video game. Dark Souls, much like life itself, is a journey.

And this? What you're about to begin reading right now?

This is MY journey through Dark Souls. This is MY journey through a game that killed me more times than I've been caught closet rapping in my car at a red light. This is MY journey through a game that tested the durability of a controller being thrown down at the ground enough times to leave a crater. But most of all, this is MY journey through a game that taught me something outside of a screen - it's a game that enhanced my values of discipline and resilience. It's a game that taught me to never, ever give up in a time of my life I needed it most. And yes, as the title suggests, it's a game that made me a hell of a lot stronger too...

I want to walk you through my own individual journey in the hopes that you too, reader, will depart on your own individual journey of this incredible series as well someday. Or, perhaps, reengage and give it another go. And the best way to do that, is to start from the very beginning. Which, brings us to a rather long crossroads in my narration...

So, having prefaced all that... I guess I'll see you on the other side next week, folks. There will be a VIDEO and a STORY-LIKE summary (or in this case, chapter) of my journey each Wednesday for this series. Why? Because I want to add a little fun and flavor to this blog.

Praise the sun.