About the Author

It’s the journey, not the destination I’m writing for. I just want to get there the right way. And the only way I know how to do that - the only way that makes any sense in this world to me at all - is by taking it one page at a time... and writing everything down through a loaded barrel attached to the outer rim of my heart.
In other words, I want to feel something every time I write a page. And as a fair trade off, I want readers to feel something every time they read a page as well.
Otherwise, what’s the point? There’s just no life in that type of relationship. And I don’t know about you, but I happen to enjoy life.
— Kyle Lionheart

29 year old Southern California native Kyle Lambky, who goes under the author/alias name Kyle "Lionheart", began his own journey of writing back in the second grade. After pleading his parents (Donald and Frances Lambky) to buy him an empty journal that caught his eye at a local bookstore, he immediately fell in love with filling each individual page with a portrait of his wild and vivid imagination. And as the pages began to slowly fill, that seemingly 'small' gift from his loving parents eventually evolved into something bigger:

A gift for writing itself.

Over the many years of growing up, Kyle continued to write nearly every single day (as a hobby) and, ultimately, chased his "passion" to the University of California Irvine, where he received his bachelor's degree in English. Of course, along the way - there was much more than just writing in his path.

Kyle admits that - even back as a kid, scribbling inside a journal - it's always been his dream to become a writer someday. And yet, that dream... like so many others floating out there... had to come by overcoming something truly terrible first.

His mother, Frances Lambky, became afflicted with Stage Four breast cancer his freshmen year of high school. She fought long and hard for six years, beating just about every odd imaginable along the way. That is, until one fateful morning on May 26, 2008 - the day where one story ended.

...And another, silently, began.

From left to right: Julie (Kyle's sister) Frances (Kyle's' mother) and Kyle
My mom died and it was like... suddenly, everything stopped. I wasn’t exactly sure where my life was going anymore. I was 20, still trapped in this weird purgatory called community college and, honestly? I really wanted to “give up” on my future (I didn’t really think I had one). Still, that’s the crazy thing about enduring adversity - it has a funny way of making you stronger than you were before. I didn’t believe in myself back then, but really? I know I should have. Because finally, something great was about to happen.
— Kyle Lionheart

Only a few weeks after the tragedy - while the wound was 'fresh' - Kyle started writing through the grief. His plan, ultimately, was to use his own life as a vessel and give hope in the form of a story... a story aiming at the heart of anyone else out there that had ever lost somebody. To do this, he created a fictional character, Kyle Lionheart, and inserted him into a nonfictional world - the very same (and stormy) one he was currently enduring.

In essence, instead of running away from the cancer's aftermath, he chose to write about it. And from there on out, an epic adventure was born: "The Seven - Awakening".

His mother was the main inspiration behind both the story and the future of the 7-part book series itself.

When I started writing “The Seven - Awakening”, I purposely chose to have the first scene be at the same hospital where I said goodbye to my mom at. And, going a step DEEPER, I kept everything I wrote in the book exactly as it had happened in real life. I chose to share my father waking me up to go to the hospital. I even shared the promise I had made to my mom right before she passed away that I would ‘be somebody’ someday; only a few minutes before it all happened. It was one of the most painful things I’ve ever written because, well... I had JUST lived it. Hell, I was STILL living it. But that’s exactly why I chose to keep writing through the emotion. I knew - from projecting a REAL voice full of scars into a FICTIONAL story full of imagination - it would be able to help somebody else out there. Someday.
— Kyle Lionheart

Over the many years of writing it (while balancing finishing his education and, eventually, working full-time), he made an effort to become heavily involved within the charity world as well.

"Mario Madness" - an event that consisted of Kyle and his friends playing 'Mario-themed' video games LIVE over the internet for 72 hours straight - ended up raising a grand total of over $18,000.00 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital back in 2013.

In just one weekend.

Kyle confesses that, while he couldn't see it properly at the time, the result of the event changed him on a very personal level. From that point on, he started seeing just how possible everything really was - how an idea can turn into something beautiful... that is, with enough courage to back it up.

With that 'awakening' in mind, he quit his job and decided to go "all in" on finally finishing the story he had been writing for nearly 8 years.

On May 26th 2016 (the anniversary of that fateful day), Kyle delivered the first piece of his promise to his mom with his debut novel"The Seven - Awakening".

Nearly one year later, on June 23rd 2017, he released his second book of the series, "The Seven - Catalyst".

With all that under his belt at the age of 29, there are still a LOT more pieces to Kyle's promise and this is merely the first chapter. To him, at least. The next step will be, undeniably, the most challenging of all.

...But, like everything before - he's ready for it. 

Right now? Yeah, I hear the voices. I know I’m at the point where I HAVE to take that big jump and try to get my work published. That’s always been a part of the plan because I know I’m limited in my outreach without it being on shelves. But, hey, don’t you dare mix that as frustration... because it’s like I said before: it’s the journey, not the destination I’m writing for. I trust the process and at the end of the day? I just want to get there the right way. I have a lot of people I want to make proud and the only way I’m gonna do that is by being me. Always.
— Kyle Lionheart